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Hannah Chew

Current sophomore at Harvard University and Managing Editor at Arts Help.

Deanna Parenti

Writer, ceramicist, and happy hammocker

Laura Thipphawong

Toronto-based artist and research writer with a Master's in Art History and Critical Theory. Teacher and business developer. Outdoor explorer and environmentalist.

Rachel Ezrin

A writer, editor, and teacher with a Master’s in Creative Writing. Sustainability advocate with an interest in photography. Valiant defender of the oxford comma.

Mallory Gemmel

Mallory Gemmel is writer, editor, and curator from British Columbia, Canada. She has a Master of Arts in Comparative Media and is working towards a certificate in professional editing.

Laura Mychal

Laura Mychal is an Artist and Arts Professional based in Brooklyn, NY.

Chandni Bhatt

Chandni Bhatt is an undergraduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario with a passion for writing and sustainable art.

Jaelyn Decena

Current Cal State University San Marcos senior majoring in Literature and Writing Studies with a minor in Art, Media, and Design.

Laurel Mcleod

Toronto-based Artist and Designer with a Master’s in Fine Art from OCAD University.

Codrina Ibanescu

Writer πŸ–ŠοΈ, Artist πŸ“Έ, Environmentalist 🌲

Alyssa Herr

The Nomadic Writer penning Arts Help’s Adventures.

karyn bailey

Storyteller and adventurer with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Management.

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