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Hannah Chew

Special Features Editor at Arts Help. Current sophomore at Harvard University.

Mallory Gemmel

Mallory is an interdisciplinary writer & editor. She has a BFA in Photography & Curatorial Studies from Emily Carr University & a Master of Arts in Comparative Media from Simon Fraser University.

Chandni Bhatt

Toronto-based artist with a passion for writing and sustainable art.

Laura Thipphawong

Toronto-based artist and research writer with a Master's in Art History and Critical Theory. Teacher and business developer. Outdoor explorer and environmentalist.

Deanna Parenti

Writer, ceramicist, and happy hammocker

Laurel Mcleod

Toronto-based Artist and Designer with a Master’s in Fine Art from OCAD University.

Rachel Ezrin

A writer, editor, and teacher with a Master’s in Creative Writing. Sustainability advocate with an interest in photography. Valiant defender of the oxford comma.

Latoya Abulu

Managing Editor at Arts Help and journalist with a passion for sustainability, politics and books.

Benjamin Krudwig

Los Angeles based designer with a passion for photography and textiles. Follow @benjamin_krudwig on instagram!

Kaiya Malik

Kaiya Malik is a student from Ontario, Canada currently working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies.

Laura Mychal

Laura Mychal is an Artist and Arts Professional based in Brooklyn, NY.

Elizabeth Sargeant

Elizabeth is a Toronto-based writer working towards her Bachelors of Journalism with a passion for art history and storytelling.

Katherine Hudak

Katherine is an Art History and French student at McGill University. She is fascinated by how artists can contribute to social & environmental causes, and believes in supporting undiscovered creatives

Avleen Grewal

Avleen Grewal completed a BA Hons from University of Toronto in 2019, an MA in 2020 and will start her PhD in English Literature. Her debut novel, My Immigrant Family, was published in 2019.

Tiffany Chan

A communications student from Toronto, Ontario with a passion for photography and design.

Phoebe Bulotano

Phoebe is a Cebu-based student with a passion for queer theory, sustainable living, and gender equality. Right now, she is exploring textile art.

Emily Burkhart

Emily Burkhart is an Arts History graduate from Oakland University. She is passionate about art education, feminist theory, women artists from Michigan, and women’s inclusion in museum spaces.

Samantha Weaver

Samantha has an AA in Fine Arts and a BA in English & Creative Writing with a focus in Fiction Writing.

Leni Johnston

Leni Johnston is a photographer and writer based in Toronto. She believes in living sustainably and making the world a better place through art and action.

Jaelyn Decena

Current Cal State University San Marcos senior majoring in Literature and Writing Studies with a minor in Art, Media, and Design.

Kenneth Hedges

Kenneth Hedges is a freelance writer based in Montreal, Canada.

Codrina Ibanescu

Writer πŸ–ŠοΈ, Artist πŸ“Έ, Environmentalist 🌲

Angel Xing

Angel is a journalism and humanities student at Carleton University who loves finding niche narratives. Feel free to message her on social media if you have new story ideas! @angelxing98

Kirsten Armstrong

Kirsten Armstrong is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a degree in Professional Writing and Communications. She is a published author, nature lover, and bookworm.

Claire McHugh

A passionate author and educator, currently editing a novel under the pen name, C.S. Frances. Claire spends her mornings teaching english, enjoys writing, editing and exploring local art.

Abuk Lual

Abuk is a Toronto based artist, who graduated from OCAD University with a BFA. She shares her passion for the Arts and hopes to inspire others.

Didhiti Kandel

Toronto-based writer, creator and storyteller.

Patricia Ellah

Patricia Ellah is a Contributing Writer for Arts Help based in Toronto. She is a Nigerian Canadian with a BFA in Photography and a minor in Writing from Parsons the New School of Design.

Alyssa Herr

The Nomadic Writer penning Arts Help’s Adventures.

karyn bailey

Storyteller and adventurer with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Management.

Dominique GenΓ©

Dominique is a journalist with a passion for human-interest stories, literature and arts. She is pursuing a Bachelor's at Carleton University, while she grows her pressed flower and book collection.

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